escaping london: somerset

Beautiful green hills in Somerset, England.

Last weekend a big group of us packed up shop and headed to a rented house in Somerset to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

Sunset at Taunton Railway station. Our rental college in Somerset England. Pretty flowers in Somerset, England. My room with a view in Somerset, England. A beautiful English cottage and garden with albums and roses. Pink and white English crockery in our rental house.

There’s nothing quite like getting out of the city. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and sometimes you just need a break. Cue green hills, mean looking sheep and friendly cows, fresh air, hot tubs, trampolines, long muddy walks and trivial games played into the wee small hours by the fire (it is an English ‘summer’, after all).

Street signs in Somerset, England. Cows in the Somerset countryside. Reflections on the River Tone in Taunton, Somerset, England. Pretty flowers from where I stand in Somerset, England. An English summer fire. Beautiful green hills in Somerset, England. A vintage petrol station in Somerset, England. A bejewelled post office box in Somerset, England. Beautiful green hills in Somerset, England.

I should probably mention the great bunch of chefs I was travelling with too. To say that we ate (and drank) well is an understatement – perfectly cooked roast beef with homemade Yorkshire puddings, a succulent carrot cake sans raisins (just the way I like it), poached eggs for breakfast, local cheese and cider bought from the Glastonbury Farmers’ Market and an awesome beef rendang curry cooked from scratch to fortify us for the trip back to London – I’ve chosen my friends well.

Somerset cheese at the Glastonbury Farmer's Market.Homemade Yorkshire puddings.Mixing cream cheese with sugar for carrot cake.Homemade Yorkshire puddings.Somerset cider.

All I added to the bounty with a batch of my doughnuts, which unfortunately weren’t as good as these guys, but still disappeared from the plate. A friend and I also attempted a posy of elderflower fritters and made our very first elderflower cordial – both recipes will be on the blog tomorrow.

Foraging for elderflowers in Somerset, England.


Do you have a favourite London escape? If so, where?

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3 thoughts on “escaping london: somerset

  1. alittleluciousnessRosie

    It looks beautfigul – really lovely photos. I’m from Somerset originally and you’ve really captured it in your piccies! Looking forward to the elderflower fritter recipe, I attempted them at the weekend but failed miserably (there was a lot of sticky mess, and no flavour at all!)

    Rosie xx

    1. Kate Post author

      Hi Rosie – Thanks so much for stopping by. I LOVE Somerset – and not just because of the cider and the fantastic accents.

      Standby for the recipe!


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