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Apart from anything featuring the Oompa Loompas, my favourite scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the Gene Wilder original, naturally) is the one where Augustus gets encouraged into the chocolate river. Being a natural born swimmer and an early adopter of anything with a decent percentage of cocoa, I reckoned there was no better place to practice my breaststroke. So, it’s no wonder that when presented with the Spicy Chocolate Soup during a special tasting of The Montagu‘s limited-edition dessert menu inspired by the story I lapped it up quicker than I could take a decent photo – the red and white polka-dot toadstool marshmallows included.

Not to worry, my greed didn’t extend to the five other delicious comestibles on offer. Take this Willy Wonka Crazy Brownie, for instance. It’s decorated with gold leaf rather than a golden ticket, but there wasn’t a moment to murmur any discontent as the dense chocolate glued my mouth shut and I fell into a sugar coma of epic and welcome proportions.


Next came Veruca’s Nutty Parfait a palate-cleansing creamy concoction that paved way for none other than the blueberry-bothering Violet.


Violet’s Blueberry Mousse, according to The Montagu’s pastry chef, John, is the most enjoyable to create. The edible chocolate base is actually made by dipping water balloons in tempered chocolate and then bursting them with a pin once set. What japes!


And everyone loves bubblegum, right? And Macaroons? Why not mix them together, serve them up, and watch the carnage?


And finally, there’s Mike Teavee’s Chocolate Cake. Do you see what they did there?



But wait there’s more… I may not have got a Golden Ticket with my brownie, but everyone who dines at The Montagu is given a chance to win two tickets to see the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the  West End musical (and the inspiration behind this fun menu) that has just opened at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.

Will I be lucky?



It’s not gold, but I’ll take silver if it comes with a free glass of bubbles any day of the week.



The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory dessert menu at The Montagu, Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill, runs until 16 July.
For more information, click here.



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