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There are three things you could assume from a casual scroll through my Instagram feed for April: I live in Morocco; I’m a crazy cat lady; and I eat all day every day, non-stop, 24/7. Yes, last month was epic, but only one of those is true.

Although I could well imagine myself living in Rabat, the two trips to Morocco were for work (a term I use in the loosest sense of the word). Here are my favourite pictures (there’s more here and here too).  Oh, and I hope you’re not tired of tiles and sunshine from me, I’m heading back next week…


  • And just to prove that I spent some time in Lon

IANAC-APRIL-INSTAGRAMMED-5There are loads more photos after the jump. Cats! Food! Selfies! Oh my!

Let’s talk about crazy cat ladies. Yes, I do tend to post lots of pictures of The Goose, and, while I am quite partial to the boss-of-all-things-chez-moi, I actually do it for the love and attention I receive. You see, it doesn’t matter how many exotic pictures I post from my travels, whenever the cat gets a nod, she gets more love than the other pics combined (for which she lets me take partial credit).


That just leaves the food. Guilty as charged. When I’m not eating, I’m thinking about my next meal – whether I’m making it or someone else (AKA Monica Galetti) is cooking for me. Want to know something embarrassing? This is only a small sample…


A special mention has to be made on the food front this month. I had an amazing Sunday brunch at Asia De Cuba at London’s St. Martin’s Lane Hotel. Check out Alex’s post too. It’s definitely worthy of a visit – dumplings, cocktails and the Mexican doughnuts (AKA the best dessert in London).  Yum, yum, yum…


One last thing – I discovered Selfies this month. I’m blaming it on the amazing HTC One. It’s bloody brilliant.


Phew, right? I wonder what (the rest of) May will bring…


All photos were taken on the truly amazing HTC One.

Images © Kate McAuley

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