the decorating diaries: it’s the little things

A few years ago, when I was really struggling with writer’s block, a friend introduced me to SARK and her method of micromovements. The basic premise: break things down into tiny actions and before too long your your task will be complete. It worked with the novel (standby for some exciting news), but I’ve also been applying it to other areas of my life.

Decorating our new home has been a bumpy ride, ankle breaks and tonnes of travel not withstanding. At times the whole shebang became too overwhelming, which left the MrMr and me struggling to find reasons to stay at home. That was, until, I began to apply the aforementioned to unpacked boxes, messy piles of books and clothes I haven’t worn since 2003.

We are by no means near finished, but our living room is now a precious haven (though still bereft of window dressing). Pictures have been hung, the ‘library’ has been organised, doorknobs have been installed, ornaments that we’ve been collecting or given over the years during our travels have been given pride of place. It’s all coming together – take a look! #interiors #decorating #thedecoratingdiaries #anthropologie

[ABOVE] On the left is a painting the MrMr bought in Brazzaville (Congo) and a vase we found in Singapore. On the right is a throw from Uzbekistan and pillows from Vietnam (all beautiful gifts).

There’s more after the jump… #interiors #decorating #thedecoratingdiaries #anthropologie

[ABOVE] I love the blue iitala glass – a wedding gift – and the Osprey candle makes the room smell delicious. The elephant is a trinket from my days spent in India. The bronze statue, which often reflects my state of mind, I bought at a market near our house in Douala (Cameroon) and the doorknobs are from Anthropologie.

There is still a ways to go – my office still looks like a mini hurricane has passed through – but at least we have this space.

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All photos were taken on the truly amazing HTC One.

Images © Kate McAuley

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