march, instagrammed + plus a little introspection

March is over – and what a month it was. You may have noticed that I didn’t post as often as I had been. Backing off so quickly wasn’t a conscious decision, but was one that was a long time coming. The daily posts – often quick fixes to have something new on the page – had lost their resonance, which isn’t fair to you or me. So, I took some time out to have a little rethink about what I wanted this site to be. From here on in expect longer pieces, original photography and a complete redesign (my skills and spare time willing) in addition to my regular Style Inspiration, Foodie Fridays and Happy Weekend posts. It’s about time, right?

It wasn’t just my ideas about i am not a celebrity that got an overhaul during the final stretch of the LONGEST WINTER EVER. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve let a couple of projects go – some lucrative, some not entirely my choice to leave, some never right for me to begin with – to focus on what really matters. Fear and not wanting to let people down was why I’d held onto them for so long, and while I now have less financial security and may have alienated some people who were relying on me to make their dreams come true, taking a chance on my own ideas and working with friends who have the same goals as I do is worth the risk. I’m excited and motivated and will reveal all soon.

That’s enough navel gazing for a Tuesday afternoon. March also included a very welcome press trip to St Lucia. Sun! Sand! Palm Trees! Rum! Vitamin D! Ryan Gosling! Did I say Sun!?


My Instagram feed (no pun intended) is always littered with food. My favourite pictures this month are of my Easter Bunny Cupcakes. I know pride and gluttony are deadly, but I was willing to take a little chance with these guys.


March was also a time for: making over friends in pubs; supporting friends at their book launches (WOOHOOOO Kate Worsley and the brilliant She Rises!); eating porridge; giving back (our private bloggers sale raised £326 for Children In Need – we’ll be hosting another one soon); matching my neons; being overwhelmed with new projects and coming to a dawning realisation; lots of culture (opera, ballet, musicals and cinema); drinking Easter pints; and French Films tout seule (Dans La Maison in the Barbican’s red leather).


The Instagram star of the month, however, was The Goose. I’m just the coffee-pouring chopped liver who takes the pictures.


Let’s play catch-up with March’s top five posts:

girl crushing: making mackerel with monica galetti #monicagaletti #monicagalettiexperience #katemcauley #food #foodiefridays #foodporn

how to make: easter bunny cupcakes #easterbunnycupcakes #easter #cupcakes #baking #diy #frosting #royalicing #buttercreamicing #recipe

opera for beginners #opera #operadiperoni #puccini #larondine #goopera #kwes

the east india company: sweet, savoury or spicy? #theeastindiacompany #food #foodporn #spicy #sugar #chocolate #biscuit #cheese #chilli #tea

on chanel, beauty and enduring style #chanel #chanelcoventgarden #beauty #mothersday #london


Images © Kate McAuley

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