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I’m back from St Lucia all bright and bendy and happy to take stock. February was a beautiful mess of food and fashion and friends, oh my. Cooking, meeting up with chefs (stand-by for awesome post on cooking with Masterchef’s Monica Galetti), London Fashion Week, Chanel Beauty and designer Italian jewellery. There’s still so much to write about. Here’s a taster (no pun intended).


www.i-am-not-a-celebrity.com #january #instagram #photography #fashion #food

I was going to apologise for all the self portraits you’re about to see, but thought better of it. Last month, I finally started to feel like myself again following weeks of recuperating from the broken ankle accident and I’m so happy I was – and still am – feeling confident enough to share these pictures with you here. 


www.i-am-not-a-celebrity.com #january #instagram #photography #fashion #food

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