the decorating diaries: the hump

It’s been ages since I’ve updated you on the flat sprucing, but when nothing’s been done, what’s there to report? Things began to slow down once we’d painted our new shelves and entertainment unit to the point where we could empty some of our boxes of books and set up our TV. We even hung a picture. And then the new sofa arrived, all comfy and real-home making. Yes, our living room could just about be lived in. Hello Netflix, goodbye decorating. Never mind the naked unit doors, blind-less windows and the study bulging with furniture that needs to find a new home, clothes destined for charity shops/ebay and loads of junk treasures yet to be tossed put in their proper places, we had 13 episodes of House of Cards to watch.

Getting things just the way you want them is a tough process and maintaining momentum has proven a challenge. What seemed like an exciting project became an overwhelming burden. The once inspirational pictures of other people’s dream homes began to represent how much work we still had ahead of us. And then there are all the decisions. Where to hang this, what colour to paint that, does this rug go there, can we chuck this, pretty please? Talk about food for fights. It’s no wonder we escaped into hours of political intrigue or preferred to spend time away from home rather than deal with the mess that lay behind our new front door.

Things, however, are on the upswing, thanks mostly to action taken by the MrMr. The unit doors are hung and one coat of paint short of completion. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a huge job and the difference is literally tangible. Up next is window dressing and wall decorating. I’ve even let got of my churlish self and started ferreting around for more inspiration (see below). He thinks we’ll be done by May. The optimist in me is hoping we’ll be finished by the time spring truly arrives. With this week’s wintery resurgence, however, we might both be right. #thedecoratingdiaries #decorating #interiors #home #house #inspiration

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