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I have long hair. It tumbles down my back to my waist. It’s wavy, kind of mousy, and totally age inappropriate. Yet, people comment. A lot. I’m not going to lie. It makes me beam. ‘You can do so much with it,’ is among the many lovely compliments they bestow.

But, here’s the thing. I don’t. Unless you count: throwing it up, pulling it down and occasionally twisting it around my fingers in a vague attempt to seem flirty (which I can only imagine looks all kinds of wrong given my cross-dressing and wrinkled forehead).

My hair’s an annoyance. It takes an age to wash and dry and I moult all year round. When I do venture to the hairdressers, two people are deployed (here’s proof). I could cut it, but then no one would comment and all I’d have left is my wit and wiles and I’m afraid I’d be left wanting. Perhaps the answer is to put in a little more effort?

I wouldn’t mind looking like Karen in Californication. Choppy layers seem to work for  Natascha McElhone (but then I think I’d have to look like Natascha McElhone). London Fashion Week is about to kick off again. Maybe I’ll get a little more adventurous. Braids. Backcombing. A fringe? My friends are right – there’s lots I could do. And if there ever was a time and a place…

More hair inspiration after the jump…

www.i-am-not-a-celebrity.com #hair #inspiration #beauty #memoir www.i-am-not-a-celebrity.com #hair #inspiration #beauty #memoir

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