happy weekend

How’s your weekend shaping up? I’m looking down the lens at the same-old-same-old: extreme, paint-in-my-hair DIY, lunch with friends and a recital. Nothing to complain about, but I’d relish some time to hang out on my sofa and watch the first series of Homeland on DVD. Not that it’s remote possibility – our new furniture doesn’t arrive until mid-week. At least the sun is shining. London is truly showing off today.

I should get back to it, so I’ll leave you with my favourite Tumblr finds and a chance to catch up on what’s been happening here this week.

Love, Kate

PS. The Shoeaholics £29 sale is on until Tuesday. Don’t miss out.

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The pictures were sourced from here and here.

And now for the catch up:


the decorating diaries: here’s what i know about jackson pollock


foodie fridays #20


daily style inspiration: confused

daily style inspiration: understatement


sunday moods: black and white


five favourites: denim shirts

hey, shoeaholics, you had me at £29


january, instagrammed

happy weekend

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