the decorating diaries: it’s time to plate up

I’m taking time out from painting my amazing new built-in multipurpose units to tell you a little story. Way back when the MrMr and I were setting up house, we chose all white crockery. We didn’t want our mother’s 70s prints or our grandmother’s floral patterns. We were big-plate-little-meal minimalists. I blame all those Sydney restaurants I used to frequent in Surry Hills, Glebe and Balmain. It made sense in practical terms too. We were (and still are) travellers – albeit with a 20-foot shipping container at our disposal whenever life led us to up sticks – and we thought it we could replace things more easily when they inevitably broke.

It’s over ten years later and wouldn’t you know it? Pretty much everything has survived five international moves and one recent slog a couple of hundred metres down the road. I love cooking, especially in my new kitchen, but everything looks so outdated and tiny on my Hummer-hubcap plates that don’t fit in the dishwasher. It’s a lose-lose. Now, I want what my mum and my grandmother had. Only I want it chipped and mismatched and eclectic. I think the MrMr’s grandparents’ Portmeirion oddities are in a box around here somewhere. Or there’s always Anthropologie or the local car boot sale. I’ll find a way.

And now for some other beautiful pieces that’ve caught my eye. #decorating #interiors #home #kitchen #flatware #crockery

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