daily style inspiration: almost bi-pedal

So, the cast came off on Monday and you don’t want to know what lay beneath. Suffice to say, it’s gone. Now my leg is buffed, polished and slick with oil, enshrined in a boot featuring more velcro, air pumps and cushions than a pair of Air Jordans. A kid yesterday asked me if I was part Stormtrooper. Good news all round. Star Wars lives on and I can hobble about a bit better than I could on Sunday. I’m a little way off doing a jig, but this is how I feel on the inside.

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8 thoughts on “daily style inspiration: almost bi-pedal

    1. Kate Post author

      Thanks, love. I broke my ankle about 8 weeks ago. Ended up in hospital for four days. Recovering slowly, but feeling a tonne better than I did. xx

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