the decorating diaries: green accents

When I was a kid, before I graduated to teendom and plastered my bedroom with pictures of Johnny Depp, movie posters and other things I’m too embarrassed to share, I had apple green walls. By choice. Forget princess pink and tomboy blue, green has always been my favourite – whether I’m picking a colour palette for my home or wearing it (like in the trench below at a recent Dulux/The Apartment event – I’m standing in front of Paradise Green 4).

In my mind, there are two things every room needs. The first is a whole bunch of books (stacked, shelved, scattered, any which way). The second is a splash of green – whether it’s a statement wall, indoor plant or gaggle of throw cushions. And it looks like I’m not the only one…

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flapjack succulent//pattern//green floor

i am not a celebrity, kate mcauley, interiors, inspiration, green,

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