happy weekend

 Hi team,

How’s tricks?

I’m suffering from same-view-from-the-couch-itis and a kitchen that’s been ripped apart in search of an elusive leak that’s rendered my downstairs neighbour a tad emotional. I understand her pain, but she would be a lot easier to deal with if my coffee machine wasn’t blocked by plumming/carpentry paraphernalia. Oh well.

Otherwise, I’m doing much better – mostly because the sun is shining and the broken leg isn’t aching too badly. Perhaps I’m on the mend.

Onwards and upwards, and as tradition dictates, here are some of my favourite Tumblr finds this week.

i am not a celebrity, kate mcauley, happy weekend, tumblr

windy//boots//pink ruffles//two-tone//giraffes//staircase
flowing hair//eyes closed//dip-dye jeans//painty hands
chunky knit//rose coat//suit button//tiles
leaves//red paint//girl in the moon

And now for the blog round-up:


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daily style inspiration: past life


foodie fridays #13


take five: tumblrs to treasure


november, instagrammed

And that’s it.

Tell me, what’ve you been up to?




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