diy inspiration: bowls made by leftovers

During the recent big move, I donated bags and bags of clothes to charity. I even included a few designer pieces, which the altruist in me thought of as philanthropy, though my internal weary loafer probably had more sway in the matter. Ebay seemed like too big a hurdle. Not that I regret the absence of, among others, a two-sizes-too-small Chloe dress (much).

Despite my best efforts to purge, there are still some sartorial leftovers clogging up space Chez moi. I have a laundry bag full of hole-y t-shirts, for example, that La M-I-L Française, reckoning that the do-gooders wouldn’t want my threadbare H&M hand-me-downs, suggested instead that I cut up to use as rags to clean my windows. It’s a novel idea, but I think I’d rather fashion me some of these baskets. They don’t look too hard and would come in very handy around here. I’ll keep you posted.

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Picture and instructions via The Red Thread.


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