japan: the elusive maiko

We were warned they were fast. Kyoto’s Maiko move at lightening speed as they trot from okiya to tea house on high wooden clogs that would send the likes of Naomi Campbell reeling.

Last month, while limping around Ginza after days of extreme sightseeing, we spotted a couple heading out for an evening of dance and good conversation. I grabbed my camera, but was too slow for a clear shot. Still, I kind of like the result.

Enigmatic. Elusive. Exotic.

i am not a celebrity, kate mcauley, japan, kyoto, meiko, geisha, travel, geikoNow for some fun facts: Maiko are apprentice Geiko. Geiko is the Kyoto dialect word for Geisha. And they are artists, not prostitutes.

Photo taken on my Olympus PEN mini.

More on Japan here.


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My next trip is back to Morocco for Casablanca Fashion Week.
They’ve decided to prolong summer. I can’t wait for the sun and the warmth (and the food, people, culture, shopping, etc).

Image © Kate McAuley

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