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I’ve just been reading over this week’s posts and realised how self-involved I’ve been. Yes, moving is stressful, but as I look out my window towards The Thames it’s all been worth it. And, yes, life’s pressures are relative, but now that I have poked my head above the mountain of unpacked boxes behind me and had a look at what else has been happening over the last seven days, my concern over where to put my indoor plants so they get the best of the sunlight is minuscule in comparison to, say, the wreckage Hurricane Sandy left in her wake. So, here’s wishing all my east coast friends a quick return to life as normal.

If you’d like to catch up with what went on here this week, check out the following:


The first of my Japan posts went live with stories of plane crashes, eating live squid and lots of pictures of more edible delicacies.

japan: let’s start with the food


This week’s Foodie Fridays was all about comfort.

foodie fridays #9


I need A Peace Treaty scarf in my life.

lookbook love: a peace treaty aw12

DIY inspiration

Forget carving Halloween pumpkins. Why don’t you paint them instead?

diy inspiration: halloween pumpkins are for painting, not stabbing


Is this the perfect place to relax after a hard day’s moving?

daily style inspiration: drained

Wishing you a lovely weekend.


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