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Virginia Woolf knew what was what when she said ‘a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.’ Unfortunately, I had to do away with the former to get the latter, but it was a trade off I was more than willing to make.

What might look humble to you represents a world of possibility and the fulfilment of a long-held fantasy. A 4m x 3m space with a water view (The Thames, in this instance) with a wardrobe for my clothes alone and a door that can be closed at the end of a work day has my heart racing and my fingertips scored with paper cuts (Vogue Living, I blame you).

Some of my closest friends are surprised by how fiercely attached I’ve already become to this space. I’ve been a nomad since my teens, living in nine different countries and travelling to countless others. I’m a pro at purging and packing and upping sticks. My mates expected my next move to be somewhere more exotic than 283m down the road. What can I say? Things and circumstances change – and though the MrMr and I will probably skedaddle at some point in the future, for now we’re staying (London) put.

The walls are yet to be painted and floors still sport the scratches and stains of its previous inhabitants, but I can see the future. In my mind’s eye, there is a desk angled to take full advantage of the changing tides and a vintage power station (to remind me of man’s ability to generate electricity*), a wall of shelves stacked with my ever-growing collection of books, a sofa for cushions and day dreaming and anything else I care to save out for later, and a floor-to-ceiling pin board flapping with my changing moods, photos and such.

Yes, the sofa will miraculously turn into a double bed for out-of-towners and guests so stupified by my meals and cocktails that they’ve missed the last Tube home. And, yes, I probably won’t be able to squeeze in everything I want. It is, however, better than the nooks, crannies and kitchen tables of my home-working past. And for this, I can only be grateful.

If you’re interested, I’ll post more pictures of the renovation and decoration here. For now, here are a few of my interior inspirations. How will I ever choose?

i am not a celebrity, kate mcauley, renovation, before, officei am not a celebrity, kate mcauley, renovation, before, officei am not a celebrity, kate mcauley, renovation, before, officei am not a celebrity, kate mcauley, renovation, before, officei am not a celebrity, kate mcauley, renovation, before, office


More interior inspiration here and here.

* If you get that reference, I’m forever yours.


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  4. Sabine

    I think it looks wonderful! (and anything with river view – especially the Thames – is superb). I would LOVE to see what you do with YOUR room – keep us updated, please. X

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