hey, japan, it’s been too long

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Tomorrow I’m attempting to retrace my steps. I’m heading to Japan. I used to live there, but that was a long time ago. My memory of my two-year tour is fractured – as is my ability to speak the language. I blame the sixteen years that’s come between us. Addling my poor brain with French hasn’t helped either. It doesn’t matter. The trip is destined for brilliance.

In the meantime, I have a few nebulously Nihon-related posts lined up, but I’m taking a holiday from my computer (yes, really). Of course, you can still follow me on Twitter and Instagram, which I’ll no doubt be updating as often as I can (i.e. while the MrMr is otherwise occupied devouring his first okonomiyaki, etc).

O genki de, ne.

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2 thoughts on “hey, japan, it’s been too long

  1. Catherine

    Aaaa… natsukashii, ne! I used to live in Japan (gulp – late eighties- feels like a lifetime ago!), and also went back for a nostalgia trip a few years ago and had an amazing time. I just love it over there – and this has all made me want to go back. There is just SO much to see – and the food! Made me laugh when I saw your dictionary.. I had a Kenkyusha jisho perpetually in my bag for about five years (I ended up doing Japanese at uni before working in design). Right – that’s it. I’m going to go again! Arigato, ne!

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