daily style inspiration: is that a chill in the air?

I have a ritual every morning – as I think most freelancers and other people who work from home do – and it begins with checking my email, Facebook and Twitter accounts while still in bed. I’m not an early riser, but many of my friends are and today the interweb was strewn with weather-related missives.

Brrrrrr,’ they said.

Oh no,’ I thought.

And then I remembered how much I loved my transitional knits and all was right with the my world.

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6 thoughts on “daily style inspiration: is that a chill in the air?

  1. TheOnlineStylist

    I do exactly that…Twitter, Instagram and emails are all read through bleary eyes before I get out of bed…sometimes just the one eye! And (as you know) love this time of year when a morning chill starts to creep in. Time to layer up! xx

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