diy: machine dye

On the MrMr‘s last trip to visit the family in France (yes, I was left behind, bogged down with deadlines, feeling lonely and sorry for myself), he brought back a white jacket. A hand-me-down, if you will, from his hyper-chic Aunt – we’re talking a woman who only travels with Louis Vuitton luggage and likes to pass on anything that was purchased the previous season.

Gems are the norm, but every so often there’s a piece that’s not so much, well, me. Initially, I chucked the aforementioned in the to-be-ebayed-or-more-likely-given-to-charity-because-ebaying-things-is-so-boring basket, but I had second thoughts. I’d wanted to give machine dyeing a go for a while, and this cotton little upstart was the perfect sacrificial lamb.

Off to John Lewis (OK, it was Peter Jones), I popped, for a box of Dylon dye. Dubious, I was, but I followed the instructions and everything turned out rosy – or should I make that olive green-y? I especially love how the stitching remained white – I guess they used polyester twine.

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The result? A jacket that’s so much more wearable. Compliments, I’ve had. Smiles, I’ve made. Smug, I’ve felt.

So, Tata, about that LV trunk


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