daily style inspiration: action stations

There’s no more excuses. My half marathon training, which until now has been a few trots and a lot of creative visualisation (i.e. sitting on my bottom thinking about what it would be like if I was actually, you know, running), needs to step up if I’m ever to complete my cockamamy plan to run the Nike Run To The Beat half marathon in October. So, my quiet morning of Olympic reflection, has been replaced with bucket loads of dread. At least my training outfit today – which looks a little something like this – makes me happy.

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Wasn’t this girl in America’s Next Top Model?


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Image courtesy of Nike

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6 thoughts on “daily style inspiration: action stations

  1. Sienna

    I was just thinking that about that girl! she totally was in americas next top model. I always liked her freckles, thought she was super cute. Good luck with training!


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  3. k3lli3

    My first thought … Hey that’s *insert-random-model-that-got-cut-too-early-as-they-didn’t-fit-in-with-the-seasons-predetermined-winning-criteria-name-here* from ANTM.
    Mo? Lo? Lu? Or something like that… I think.

    Also, please forget that I actually know about this. *ugh

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