daily style inspiration: an anxious legs eleven

You may have noticed that I don’t often get inspired by looks that show off too much flesh. It seems I’m a modest type.

Skirts and dresses don’t pull up my socks either. It seems I’m a tomboy type.

Today, however, I’m feeling fine and good and confident. It’s because I went for a training run (have I mentioned that I’ve entered into my first – and probably last – half marathon?). Anyway, while I was sweating and puffing and wishing I was anywhere but 5kms from home, I got high-fived by a Chelsea Pensioner (no idea? Google it), And a young’un of about five who screamed at me to ‘GO FOR GOLD‘ between slurps of his melting choc-mint Cornetto (yes, I noticed the brand, I don’t run that fast).

Now, I’m back, showered and in the mood to show off the pins. I don’t know why I’m so nervous. People are always telling me I should. Look out, world.

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Boots + dresses = perfection, non?


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