vintage vogue covers are beautiful

A couple of day ago, I shared these vintage illustrated British Vogue covers on Mouzine. I keep going back to them an discovering something new, so I thought I’d share them here too.

Apparently in the years between 1909 and 1940, we were quite something on Vogue. Playing tennis, keeping bees, handling guns, playing harps, channelling Botticelli’s Venus de Milo, painting frescoes and fishing for fish, among other things (taking tea, reclining on chaise longues, sun soak-uppering). It sure beats pouting and looking moody. Outstanding.

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Images from The Art of Vogue Covers via Miss Moss

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7 thoughts on “vintage vogue covers are beautiful

  1. Sabine

    Oh, so beautiful! I just have to make a decision to keep or get rid of my 20 years Vogue collection… It’s rather emotional, even though the covers aren’t as pretty as these. xoxo

    1. Kate Post author

      I’m going through exactly the same thing. I’m planning on keeping my favourites and donating the rest. So hard to do, though! xo

  2. trangchich

    A wee bit off topic but now I see one more reason for the love of harp. Its top bit is absolutely a heel shape (the last cover). Heel & Harp – two big loves become one – why did it take me this long to see something that obvious… Thank you dear ;)))

    1. Kate Post author

      You’re very welcome, and your comment isn’t off topic at all. I posted these pictures for all sorts of reasons and am so pleased that they’ve helped you see something new.

      Thanks so much for your comment.


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