photography: dusk until dawn with poppy de villeneuve and htc

Even though I love my Canon SLR, I’m well into smartphone photography. And, even though a friend recently told me that she hates Instagram because ‘everybody’s photos look the same,’ I choose to believe that mine are totally original (a good snap is 90 per cent composition, right?) and worthy of sharing (yes, hubris is unattractive, but I hope to make up for it with honesty and self delusion). The lazy-lazy in me also revels in the convenience of the snap-filter-tweet-facebook-hey-world-look-at-me. I’m only human.

I, like the majority of people I know, own an iPhone. It’s served me well, what with its pretty design, first-to-market apps and other such things that I don’t need to trombone on about because there’s enough people screeching its virtues without me trying to out cult them and boring you. Recently, however, I’ve had my head turned by the HTC One series.

I’ve already given the HTC One X a spin (big screen, light, incredible camera), while last night I joined photographer and filmmaker Poppy de Villeneuve on a tour of east London for her My Life: From Dusk Until Dawn project. Armed with an HTC One S each, our little group snapped and shuttered, bouncing from graffiti-addled back streets and repurposed tube carriages to hugs with Tracey Emin, David Beckham’s (and Mick Jagger’s and Gary Oldman’s and Tom Cruise’s) tailors Timothy Everest to a basement bar populated by endearing mixologists making smokey cocktails.

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I’m not sure about the other functions on these phones, but the cameras are amazing. And, though I’m not hip to the technical jumbo-mumbo, I can tell you that its fast, clear and comes with a bunch of filters that I’ve overused, but love (and will appease my mate because none looks instagrammy). And, to top it all off, they work incredibly well in the low light and have super-duper sound quality. So. Much. Fun.

To win an HTC One S – and take brilliant photos like mine – enter Poppy’s My Life: Dusk Until Dawn project by tweeting your smartphone pics (relevant to the weekly theme) to @HTC_UK with the hashtag #duskuntildawn. The ultimate prize is a trip to see the Northern Lights (get in line, kids). Visit here to find out more.

More photography here and here.


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With thanks to HTC and Fever PR. 

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