diy inspiration: what’s his is mine

I got in a little bit of trouble yesterday for borrowing the MrMr’s shirt to pull of this look. If he hadn’t bunked off work with a migraine (wuss), everything would’ve been fine. I could’ve changed into something from my two-thirds of the wardrobe before he got home and he’d have been none the cleverer.

The thing is, he’s got so many that he wouldn’t notice if one was missing, and he’s always on about needing more (shirts to him are like shoes to me). So, I’m instituting a one in one out policy. Sure, he can buy whichever easy-iron, gingham weave he likes, but he has to make a sacrifice too – and when he does, I’m going to take it and make me something like this look from the ASOS AW12 collection… Scissors at the ready.

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And yes, I’ll still be wearing a button down from his current rotation underneath – I’ll just have to pick my time more carefully


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Image via FGR.

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