androgyny reigns at azendi london

When it comes to jewellery, I like things to be meaningful. My engagement ring was first worn by my great grandmother (the MrMr got off lightly, right?). My arm party is a mishmash of pieces gifted by friends. Around my neck I most often wear the Catbird book Nadia sent to me from New York – it’s now joined by a seashell I found on Manly Beach the day before I left last month.

It’s rare that I chose something for myself, so when Azendi London asked me to participate in their blogger showdown, I threw caution down the diamond mine and said yes. There are pieces and bits to suit everyone, but I searched out the sturdy over the delicate. I need things to be strong because I’m so clumsy. I need things to be androgynous because that’s my style. Here are my favourites.

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And it would be so lovely if you wanted to help me win a piece. All you have to do is click through to the FaceBook page and press ‘like’ to vote for me. I’d be much obliged. 


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