daily style inspiration: tartan

Last night I went to see the Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House. It was a double bill of two classics (Ballo Dello Regina and La Sylphide). To be honest, I much prefer the modern stuff (Carbon Life, anyone?), but the latter Scottish piece does have me hankering for tartan today.

With leather and boots though, yeah?

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BTW, Steve McRae, from one McAussie to another, you’re not supposed to wear anything beneath you kilt. Just saying.

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Image courtesy of Stockholm Street Style

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2 thoughts on “daily style inspiration: tartan

  1. Jess

    Takes me back to school uniform days – I do love a good tartan, but it’ll take a lot to get me anywhere near a kilt for the next 10 years or so… The jacket, on the other hand, I could get behind.

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