five reasons: brunch at randall & aubin

i am not a celebrity, kate mcauley, belvedere vodka, brunch, randall & aubinone: Meeting friends for brekkie/brunch is good for the soul. Brits don’t seem that up for it, but it’s slowly changing (thank goodness).

two: Brunch at Randall & Aubin in Soho (the original) is almost like being back in Sydney and very like being in New York. So, if that’s your thing…

three: A Bloody Mary (or five). They should only be drunk before noon or up in the air. They should be very spicy. The celery should be very crispy. They should be made with Belvedere Bloody Mary Vodka. Randall & Aubin tick all boxes (except that aeroplane thing).

four: Fresh veg. Poached eggs. Brioche. Or a burger. Or a schnitzel. Coffee. Tea. Butchery now converted into eatery. Good conversation. Whatever tickles your fancy.

five:  Book now. The weekend brunch runs throughout May (but I’m hoping it might become a regular thing). See you there.

More info here.

More food here and here.

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