hey, daphne’s, your indoor garden is the real deal

Last year, while making smalltalk with a horticulturalist, I was informed that I should never-ever-ever-never-ever-never refer to the careful tending I do for my indoor plants as ‘gardening’. After all, I was not in a garden now, was I

First, I hope said horticulturalist was, at best, a wedding crasher, or, at worst, a disliked long distant cousin who lives in Ouagadougou and was invited through familial arm twisting. I don’t think I need to be seeing her again.

Second. What a load of pha-hooey-hooey. I have plants. I will garden. I don’t care if I’m on the moon, in Kew or stuck in a tiny-what-was-supposed-to-be-short-term-transitional-flat in central London with no outdoor space.

Actually, now that I think about it, perhaps running into that petty-little-so-and-so-pedant wouldn’t be such a bad thing. I could tell her about Daphne’s nod to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. The famous South Ken restaurant has worked with two graduates of the English Gardening School to design an INDOOR GARDEN in honour of the event.

What’s planned for the dining room will blow your bloom-adoring mind (you can tell that just from these artistic representations, right?). The designersAmy Roberts (formerly of Mulberry) and Manoj Malde (also a fashion industry veteran) – have come up with something truly magical. Pelargoniums! Ivy! Climbing roses! Clematis! Amalfi lemons! All while you eat the best zucchini fritters and fresh pea risotto you’ve ever tasted!

I’d like to see that aforementioned person tell these guys this isn’t a real garden. She wouldn’t stand a chance. Just saying.

* Will now dismount from high horse.

The garden will be on display from 22 May to 3 June. 

Daphne’s, 112 Draycott Avenue, London, SW3 3AE
More info here.  

In other gardening news…

I love succulents. I love Bawk Bawk Bawk. So, I adore Jacinta Moore‘s plant-a-day. Simple-tastic.

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Oh, and my darling friend, The Pothole Gardener, has been to Milan. Check out his video here. Stellar.

Images courtesy of Bawk Bawk Bawk and Daphne’s. 

Still more gardening here.

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