cold snap = angels & men jeans

A little while ago, I was asked to road test a pair of Angels & Men jeans. Hip, hip, hooray! Yes, yes, yes! Is what I said. And a few days later, a pair arrived on my doorstep. I untied the ribbon, ripped open the tissue paper and laid my hands on the softest denim I’ve felt in a jean for a long time.

i am not a celebrity, kate mcauley, angels and men, jeans, denim, personal stylei am not a celebrity, kate mcauley, angels and men, jeans, denim, personal styleI was all ready to go with the review, but the brand’s greatest selling point caused me a bit of a problem. You see, each pair are thermally lined and with the weather prematurely making its way into Spring there was little call for me to give them a fair go. That was, of course, until yesterday. With the mercury plummeting once more, it was the perfect opportunity.

As you can imagine, I was toastier than a pig on a spit. The fit was perfect too – I’m wearing the size 12 (US size eight) – with a higher rise at the back and a lower cut at the front to prevent muffin-top-itis. And the lining didn’t add bulk, which was the one thing I was afraid of.

In fact, the only issue I had was with the length. I like my jeans nice and long, which is sometimes a challenge as I’m bang-on 6-feet tall. Not to worry, the black lining looked lovely when I folded up the cuffs – and I got to show off my new stripy socks. And when it’s colder, I can tuck them into a pair of boots – such as these Mou eskimos – and no one will be any the wiser.

Style notes:

1 pair of Angels & Men straight leg jeans
1 pair of Acne boots via My Wardrobe
1 pair of stripy socks via Seasalt
1 shirt borrowed from The Mr (don’t tell him or I’ll get in trouble)
1 Kenneth Cole biker jacket bought while on press trip to Florida last year
1 silly bun on top of my head
2 coats of six-year old Benefit lipstick in a colour that is probably discontinued by now (because, even though I never wear lipstick, I felt like it yesterday)

Images (which made the guy painting the outside of our building laugh while I was taking them) © Kate McAuley

You can find all you need re: Angels & Men here.

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