pancake day: savoury seafood and fennel pancakes with a mustard sauce

Yesterday, it was the classic sweet variety, while today, as promised, I’ve attempted something savoury. My inspiration was this Epicurious recipe, though I’ve made a few changes. I’ve used mixed seafood instead of scallops (because my local supermarket didn’t have any of the latter). I’ve also substituted the cream in the sauce for yesterday’s leftover creme fraiche and I’ve omitted the saffron (I would’ve forked out for some if I thought it would make any difference against the big flavours) and the fennel seeds because it’s not too some of my guests’ taste. I went easy on the salt too. To make these, you’ll also needmixing bowlfrying pan and spatula.

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Well, that’s for it for me on the fancy food front. For Lent this year, I’m kicking my health in the butt. That means no alcohol, processed sugar, dairy and wheat  for at least 40 days. I’ll let you know how I get on… Wish me luck!

Cooking equipment was gifted via ShopStyle.

All images © Kate McAuley

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