pancakes: the classic

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Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday. And since pancakes are one of my favourite things to eat, I thought I’d whip up a batch for a post. Usually I make up my own recipe (adding the ingredients until I get the desired consistency), but since I wanted to be quick and impressive, I resorted to the BBC. I opted for something classic with a twist – so I’ve made traditional pancakes and topped with castor sugar, lime and creme fraiche. Who knows, tomorrow I might really push the boat out.

Today, I doubled the recipe, but didn’t have enough eggs (three instead of four) and was almost out of milk, so added more water, but everything turned out A-OK. You’ll also need a mixing bowl, frying pan and spatula (though if you add enough butter to your pan you can flip them with a bit of elbow grease and luck).

i am not a celebrity, kate mcauley, shopstyle, pancakes, cooking

Cooking equipment was gifted via ShopStyle.

All images © Kate McAuley

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