catbird: books always make the best gifts

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I bet you know what it’s like. Ten days of Chrissie holidays. Family mash-ups. Sleep deprivation. A belly tipping over your belt. It’s all great fun, but there’s nothing quite like getting home, eating a salad made from the veggies you brought back from France, and sleeping in your own bed (well, that’s my ritual anyway).

This year my return to the Shire (AKA London flat) was made sweeter still by the brown paper envelope waiting for me in my snail-mailbox (AKA the beige strip of carpet behind my front door). 

i am not a celebrity, kate mcauley, nadia ackerman, catbird, books

Nadia wasn’t happy that her gift didn’t arrive pre-holiday departure, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Inside was a small box from Catbird – a shop in Williamsburg that she’d wanted to take me to on my last visit to New York. ‘There’s something there I really want to buy you,’ she said. And I really wanted to go. If only I’d had more time.

Ah well, receiving this beautiful book necklace almost made me well up. For me, it’s the perfect gift (I’ve worn it everyday since and people stop me in the street to comment on it) received at the perfect time. Not only do I love books, but I’m writing them as well. And this necklace serves as a welcome and constant reminder of my passion and goals – Nadia’s memoir that I’m co-authoring included.

Thank you, my dear sweet friend. xx

i am not a celebrity, kate mcauley, nadia ackerman, catbird, books

Hey, Clickster

219 bedford ave
brooklyn, new york

You can buy online too.

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