another pledge: make more stuff

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I hinted at my plans to make more stuff in yesterday’s post with my idea of using my old jeans to make a patchwork quilt, but that’s not all I’ve got in the pipeline. Perhaps it’s because I want to reuse stuff, or because times are tough economically speaking, or because there seems to be a make-do-and-mendy type trend around at the moment. To be fair, it’s probably all three.

I’ve been knitting – more than just this scarf. At the moment I’m making a cushion cover that’s got cables and everything – the results of which I’ll show you once I’ve picked up a few dropped stitches and artfully hidden my mistakes away from the camera’s prying lens.

And, while we were in France over the Chrissie hols, I made my mum teach me how to crochet (in between the eating and the drinking and the talking and the translating and the gifting). I haven’t made anything yet, but I do have some hooks and some yarn… All I need now is that book she promised to buy me on Amazon (hint, hint – I know you’re reading this).

i am not a celebrity, kate mcauley, make do and mend, knitting, cooking, crochet, lace

There’ll be cooking too – but that’s a whole other project that I hope to be sharing with you really soon too. Stay tuned.

And, this morning I found a guide on mixing up your own cosmetics at the Oxfam bookshop… My friend Deanne makes all her own aromatherapy and other products, but sending them to me in London from Far North Queensland is a little silly, so I’m going to see about getting by on my own.

i am not a celebrity, kate mcauley, make do and mend, knitting, cooking, crochet, lace

Finally, I wanted to share this photo above. No,  I’m not planning on learning how to make lace. I just wanted to share this pic of a very experienced (AKA old) lady hard at it in a workshop in Bruges. It looks a little too finicky for my doigts saucissons, but I could probably do a decent job of replicating the rib stitch on her jumper given the chance. Just saying.

What about you? Any projects you care to share? I’d love to hear about them.

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2 thoughts on “another pledge: make more stuff

  1. Deanne Kalda

    oh thank you for the lovely mention….home made is always fantastic :) if you need any hints or help let me know.
    I want to learn crochet too…what’s the book you’re getting?
    love xxxx

    1. Kate Post author

      Thanks, Dee. I’ll definitely let you know how I get on – and ask for tips, I’m sure.

      There are so many books apparently. I’ve got to choose!


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