denim: i want to break free

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sad and sorry: my jeans have seen better days.

I’ve been getting the message loud and clear. For my own safety (and sanity), 2012 is the year I put an end to my addiction to denim. The first missive was sent from the Gods in October, when a bicycle accident (which had nothing to do with the fact that we’d been on an 8-hour, 12-mile tour of the vineyards on Long Island’s North Fork), landed me with a fractured ankle and an unsightly rip in my 7 for all mankind boyfriends.

Then, between Chrissie and New Year, my treasured J Brand stealths (which, according to an observant friend, never did that gape-y knee thing) wore through in a place where one wished she was wearing more than a g-string (AKA thong) underneath while touring with her parents in windy and wet Bruges.

Finally, on Sunday, after a walk across Wimbledon Common and some bubbles at a friend’s house nearby, I got pushed off the bus by a drunken oaf who’d lost his footing while coming down the stairs from the top deck. No bones were broken this time, though my pride was terribly bruised, my faith in humanity momentarily lapsed as I un-faceplanted myself from the crowded curb, and my Joe’s Jeans skinnies sustained a tear at the knee that stung more than all the other casualties – mostly because they were so looooooong and the perfect shade of dark blue.

Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention, that my French mother-in-law pointed out how ill-fitting my jeans were to the entire family just as we were about to sit down to Christmas dinner (my so-called clever idea not to wear a belt while eating the biggest meal of the year totally backfired).

I know that recognising the problem is only the beginning – it’s going to be tough for me to quit denim altogether (I think I’ve worn jeans every day of my life since I was 16 – I kid you not). Suffice it to say, I don’t think cold turkey is an option for me.

Instead, I’m going to make do with the few older, still intact jeans I have (if I can still fit into them – what a fab reason to hit the gym along with everyone else at the mo), and, most importantly, I’m going to wear the pants (I’m talking about trousers), tights, dresses, and skirts that I continue to buy but rarely wear.

For inspiration, I’ve been paying closer attention to some of my favourite style blogs. Today’s pick (below) comes via Karen from Where Did U Get that. I could probably pull this look together with stuff from my wardrobe, minus the aviators (but it’s not like I need them right now anyway). I’ll let you know how I get on.

i am not a celebrity, kate mcauley, karen, where did u get that, denim, addictionNow all I have to do is work out what I’m going to do with my dead denim. Maybe I’ll make a patchwork quilt, or something. Anyone got any other ideas?

First image © Kate McAuley

Second image courtesy of Where Did U Get That

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8 thoughts on “denim: i want to break free

  1. nicole

    you cannot possibly be turning your back on the most sacred and versatile wardrobe item of all?! say it isn’t so!

    i, like you, live in jeans; love jeans; can’t get enough pairs of jeans! i refuse to throw out jeans that are too big or small; too light or dark; or simply out of fashion…i just can’t do it.

    however, if this is your newly chosen path, i wish thee well my friend and just remember that should you give in to temptation, jeans will always love you unconditionally (even the ill-fitting, ripped and faded ones).

    Be strong!

    n xo

    ps – you can totally pull off the outfit you posted in your blog!

    pps – at the risk of upsetting your mother-in-law, for the record, i totally agree with your big-meal/sans-belt strategy 😉

  2. nadia

    I love this post!!! Sorry but I was laughing OUT LOUD at all of your mishaps…The funniest was the french mother in law and the ill fitting jeans!! ha ha ha NOICE and subtle…
    I think you should make a bag out of your denim.

    Breaking free from demin is HARD….I did it once…after a friend very kindly asked me if I ever wear anything else??? I realized at that point that I do indeed wear jeans everyday! WELL…not anymore. Good luck! It’s fun.
    N xxx

    1. Kate Post author

      I could hear you laughing when I wrote the post. The bag idea is a great one. Seriously – I’ve got enough, I could probably do both.

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