fes, morocco: in search of garance doré

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If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll know that I was whisked off on a press trip to Morocco last week.

It’s a funny old life. The very morning the call came through, I’d been looking at photos posted by fashion/street style bloggers Garance Doré and her partner Scott Schuman (AKA The Sartorialist).

They were travelling through the country and tempting all who clicked with lots of beautiful images  – and I found myself wondering if it was time to bite the proverbial and make the trip. If I could be bothered, that is.

You see, I’ve travelled. A lot. Sixty-plus countries, if you’re asking. A passport full of stamps. A portfolio full of travel articles. But lately, I’ve become a bit of a London-body. This is probably going to sound churlish, but it did take me more time than it should have to agree to go.

I needn’t have acted all reticent (and spoilt). Morocco is truly an amazing country. Full of surprises and stereotype-defying experiences. My only wish is that I’d visited sooner.

So, now that I’ve fallen in love with somewhere new, I’m going to share. Expect lots of piccies and travel anecdotes over the next couple of weeks. I want to savour the experience, and hopefully you’ll want to come along for the ride with me.

To kick things off, I give you the above. The green slippers and bag, which is handcrafted from dromedary hide, I bought in the Fes Medina. The scarf is by Lily and Lionel (via The Outnet). The photo – which was inspired by Garance’s beautiful work – was taken in the Riad Fes (where I was lucky enough to stay for two nights).

Have you ever been to Morocco? I’d love to hear all about your experiences too. Please leave me a comment below. 

All images © Kate McAuley

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