paris vs british vogue: kate moss channels david bowie

While loads of blogs cover magazine…erm… covers, this is one post I can’t pass up. It’s a three-way of fashion love: Vogue, Kate Moss, David Bowie. And, added to this very personal, yet platonic, ménage à trois is some old-fashioned patriotism as well.

Britain went first with the 2003 lightening slashed nod to my all-time favourite singer, and now rival Paris has thrown its beret into the mix with this fiery, ginger mullet homage.

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Which is your favourite? I’m on the fence, but I am grateful for the old-school tunes beating out my speakers as I type. There is Life on Mars.

Ohhh, and now TopShop have jumped on the Bowie bandwagon with this Ziggy make-up tutorial.

Speaking of Bowie, does anyone remember The Labyrinth with Jennifer Connelly?

‘You have no power over me.’ There’s a life lesson, right there. Stellar.

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3 thoughts on “paris vs british vogue: kate moss channels david bowie

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  2. jackiemallon

    I tried to introduce Davd Bowie as a style icon to my class of 21 year old fashion students. They googled him, found these images of the lovely Kate, had no clue this was a homage to something that had gone before and proceeded to refer to Bowie as “she”. Yikes. Seemed like a good idea at the time :-)

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