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Last weekend, I was telling WHAT’S-HIS-NAME about the weekly top five fashion film posts I’ve been doing. ‘Surely there aren’t that many released each week,’ he said. Laugh, I did. Here’s this week’s selection – arbitrarily (meaning, they’re my faves) chosen from a grand total of 173. What have I got myself into?

5. Bubble

Susie Bubble, to be exact. I keep bumping into her. She’s sweet. Quiet. One day, I might say hello. Here she is getting her panda eyes on by Kay Montano for Because Magazine. Such cute animation and music. Faultless.

4. feed me

I stumbled across Rankin‘s (and went to the launch of the magazine…just sayin’) earlier this week. There’s a load of fashion related videos (as you’ll know if you follow Fashion On Film on Twitter). This one of Jeremy Scott is my fave. It’s 80s redux, baby. Oh, you can see the rest of the Hunger vids here.

3. red shoes soles

There’s been a big hooo-haaa (sp?) over Christian Louboutin because he’s celebrating his 20th year and he’s amazing. I’m happy about it. What else makes me grin? This little animated story put together by the lovely people at Net-a-porter.

2. making magic

I don’t usually like having my flights of whimsy disrupted by facts and bells and whistles, but this film by Louis Vuitton – showing off how their window displays are made – is amazing. WHAT’S-HIS-NAME is always saying that fashion has its own physics. Well, in the case of this other-realmy circus, I think he’s right.

1. shuck

Anja Konstantinova might must be my new favourite model. I loved her in the StyleStalker video (the one with all the cats). And here she is again for Aussie (yes, I’m biased) Oyster Magazine. I’ve got one blue eye on her.

just one more: black

Diane Pernet, Mary Katrantzou and now Yohji Yamamoto. I lived in Japan for a few years in the 90s and fell in love with the fashion there. Yohji above all was my sartorial sensai. I love listening to him speak, seeing his face. This is an older video, but I only just came across it. It’ s a nostaglia trip. Pure and simple.

Which is your favourite? Or am I missing something you loved?
Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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