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Isn’t it funny the way the things work out? Back in July, when I first started collecting fashion films, I stumbled across the wonderfully weird world of Diane Pernet and her blog A shaded view of fashion and her related film festival.

Jump forward to early last week, and, through serendipity and a cheeky please-invite-me email, I found myself in the presence of the cult icon herself at an intimate gathering at 3Objectives (a photographic studio in south London). Well, I never. It was almost too exciting for words.

After a screening of five shorts – including recent winner Elisha Smith-Leverock’s  I want muscle – Diane and her friend, the artist Hormazd Narielwalla (more on him later), sat down for a chinwag in front of the audience, and then I had the privilege of chatting with her too. Here’s what I learnt.

  • fashion is not art.
  • fashion is meant to be worn.
  • fashion has to function.
  • fashion on film is not a fashion shoot in motion.
  • film is a more effective way to deliver a brand’s aesthetic than a simple runway show.
  • film has a broader reach and more longevity.
  • with film, anything is possible.
  • making a good film is not about money – it’s about talent.
  • illustration and animation are fantastic.
  • the satirical french film who are you, polly magoo? is one of the first films about fashion.
  • the best designers are Boudicca Couture, Rick Owens and Haider Ackermann.
  • Australians dress well, but we should do more to help save the koalas.

I found the experience very enlightening, and I agree with almost everything she said. The first statement, however, rankles a smidge. Fashion’s not art? Have a look at this Alexander McQueen dress with its mosaic boddice made from cracked porcelain, the texture, and the layers and try to tell me otherwise. To my, admittedly untrained, eye, this can be viewed as nothing but art. What do you think? Please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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And here are some more fashion films for your delectation.

All images © Kate McAuley

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