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I should not be allowed to leave the house – every time I go out, I see a book I either want/need/both. I’m actually surprised I didn’t pull a muscle carrying this lot back – and now I guess I’m going to have wade my way through it all. What a burden.

i am not a celebrity, kate mcauley, heavy reading, the vorticists, among the bohemians, to the island, meghan delahunt, australian painting today, out of australia, elle, vogue, the september issue, blast 1, wyndham lewis, love no 6 super natural, flamingo, matthew williamson, acne paperSo, what we have here is:

1. A book of 16 postcards from The Vorticists exhibition at Tate Britain. I wrote a piece on the show for Mouzine. I’d never heard of this short-lived avant garde group before I went along. I’m not sure if I like all the art, but collectives such as these do intrigue me.

2. Among the Bohemians by Viriginia Nicholson. I got this at the Tate too. I like the ideas behind this movement – questioning our needs, assumptions, ways of living, and redefining what’s important. Can something like this ever rise again?

3. To the island by Meaghan Delahunt. A friend I trust recommended this novel to me. Set in Australia and Greece, it’s about a daughter searching for her father. Apparently it’s great. I’ll be the judge.

4. Australian painting today by John Douglas Pringle. This book, which I picked up at a secondhand stall in Old Spitalfields Market, has been a revelation. Published in 1963 and written by John Douglas Pringle (a former editor of the Sydney Morning Herald), I’ve entered into a world I barely knew existed – it’s providing great inspiration and colour for my novel. Not only am I discovering more about Sidney Nolan, Arthur Boyd (et al), but Pringle has also introduced me to famous Aussie poet, James McAuley. I’m in the process of finding out if we’re related. How great would that be?

5. Out of Australia: prints and drawings from Sidney Nolan to Rover Thomas – the catalogue of the exhibition that’s currently on at The British Museum. Are you starting to see a trend here? After years of ignoring my roots, I’ve been eyeball-deep in books of all kinds. This exhibition is amazing. A must-see for anyone interested in art from the Antipodes.

6. It’s the UK edition of Elle. It’s the September issue. It’s my favourite fashion mag – even if they did put a Kirsten ‘dopey eyes’ Dunst on the cover. Need I say more?

7. Blast 1, edited by Wyndam Lewis. Another Tate purchase (Blast was a short-lived magazine produced by those aforementioned Vorticists). I love this book because a) it’s pink, b) it’s informative, and c) it’s hilarious. Why don’t manifestos come like this anymore?

8. September issue of British Vogue – finally featuring a model (Freja Beha Erichsen) on the cover – shock! horror! A non-celebrity on a fashion mag – who’d have thought?

9. Flamingo, issue one. This fab bi-annual mag – by Siobhan Leddy and co. – showcases all forms of creative talent with a focus on do-it-yourself. Look out for some of my writing online sometime next week. No doubt I’ll skyte about it at some point to remind you.

10. Love No. 6 – Super Natural. I’ve got a girl crush on Katie Grand, this mag’s editor-in-chief. I swear she has the Midas touch. I chose the Chloe Moretz cover because, let’s face it, the girl is Kick Ass. Geddit?

11. In the fashion world of colour, form and pattern, designer Matthew Williamson is my king, so when I saw this much-coveted book about him in the bargain big of Magma, I refused to walk away. And now it’s mine. And I’m happy.

12. I almost didn’t buy this latest edition of ACNE paper because it’s dedicated to youth, and I’m, by all accounts, a late bloomer. In the end, I couldn’t resist. Probably because I was walking through Soho feeling youngish and pleased with myself. The beer helped me on my way. Perhaps I’ll have a glass of wine before I break the spine. Oh look, poetry might run in the family – wakka wakka.

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