doppelgänger: anna wintour

charles blackman, anna wintour, kate mcauley, i am not a celebrity

I popped along to the British Museum yesterday to have a peek at the Australiana exhibitions. For all sorts of reasons – personal, inspirational, nostalgia – it was great. I was also reminded of the Angry Penguins and how fantastic Arthur Boyd and Sidney Nolan were. Both artists captured the landscape and the atmosphere of my homeland with, at times, no more than a few squiggles on the paper.

Grazia, anna wintour, kate mcauley, i am not a celebrityThis, however, is not about them. No, this post is about Charles Blackman and his drawing  Girl on St Kilda Beach (above). Is it just me or does this bespectacled woman bear a striking resemblance to Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour?

Check out the mouth, the glasses and hair. Could it be that Blackman’s 1951 portrait of his wife Barbara on the Victorian coastline is solely responsible for the fashion doyenne’s personal style? Well, probably not, but it’s fun to speculate, right? Plus, I reckon the above painting looks more like Wintour than Alex Katz’ actual portrait of her (below). What do you think?

charles blackman, anna wintour, kate mcauley, i am not a celebrity

The Australian exhibitions at the British Museum are free and run until mid-October. If you’re not in London, click here to check out some of the other pieces that are on display.

Images courtesy of the British Museum, Grazia Magazine and Alex Katz.

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4 thoughts on “doppelgänger: anna wintour

  1. Lola La Fleur

    Hi, I liked your blog has gave me a different feeling than I usually see on other blogs. The truth is there is a reasonable likeness. I wonder why she always wears the same hairstyle.

    Nice blog :)

  2. Kate Post author

    Thanks, Lola! I find it really interesting that people like Anna and Grace Coddington set the trends but never follow them. It’s a bit like ‘do as I say, don’t do as I do’. Very interesting.

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