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Ok, thats a bit of a falsehood. This post is also about wholewheat toast and half an avocado. I took these photos of my favourite breakfast a while back in homage to a fantastic blog called Simply Breakfast.

Since then, however, my friend Marina from back in Sydney has joined Facebook. A fact that on its own doesn’t mean much, but speaks volumes when I tell you that she’s the one who first introduced me to this culinary delight – and I miss her.

And then there was the news that the Danish powers-that-be has banned Marmite. While it might be the UK’s far inferior version of my own beloved Vegemite (controversial, much?), it did get me through a couple of rough patches back when I first moved to the UK and that was all there was on offer. Naturally, that’s all changed now, but it still holds a slightly less salty, vitamin b rich place in my heart.

And, well, that’s about it.

Oh, and I’ve put two photos because I didn’t know which one to choose. Simple. Delish. Etc.

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6 thoughts on “simply vegemite

  1. marina

    Kate, I know which one to choose, it’s the one on the left. Never mix the avocado in with the vegemite, always layer carefully on top! Tastes better.
    Miss you too.

    1. Kate Post author

      See, I need another lesson from the master. I shall have to come home and stay a week at least so you can be sure I’ll never mess it up again. xx

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