hello, anna? can you hear me?

i am not a celebrity, kate mcauley, maggie angus, anna evansIf you’re a regular visitor, you know that I’m always up for a bit of kook and quirk, which is why, when I came across Maggie Angus Jewellery, I gave a little piece of my heart to its founder and designer – the beautiful Anna Evans.

I’ve already used her pieces for some of my other projects (click here to find out more), but I also wanted to get to know her better and chucked over a couple of questions. (and no, Anna, I don’t mind one little bit that your profile photo errs on the side of silly. It’s more like love.)

km: Why did you decide to leave working for magazines to design your own jewellery?

ae: I’ve always loved jewellery, some women like buying bags or shoes… I love jewellery. Apart from being fortunate to have inherited my Grandma Maggie Angus’ collection of jewellery, I have always picked up interesting pieces or made my own, out of anything I could lay my hands on. I loved working at ELLE and Red magazines but I’d always dreamed of having my own business and I found myself looking at the designers being featured in the magazines and thinking’ I wish I was a designer’ so I just made the jump. Everyone thought I was mad but I was passionate about it and was prepared to work extremely hard to make it a success.

i am not a celebrity, kate mcauley, maggie angus, anna evans

km: What are you working on at the moment?

ae: I’ve just finished designing my autumn/winter 2011 collection which is called ‘Night Life.’ It focuses on life after dark and the wonderful world of nocturnal creatures such as owls, foxes and owls. For this new collection, I’ve used a new type of black glittered, stunning crystal blue, silver and purple mirrored perspex to reflect the mysterious and magical nature of the night. I’ve not presented an ordinary vision of the English countryside, but a rather electric walk on the wild side with stars intricately cut out of the bold silhouettes. Scarily, I’m also already planning my spring summer 2012 collection too!

km: Where to you get your inspiration?

ae: I am very inspired by different music scenes and the energy that they create or project. For example, with my current ss11 collection ‘Viva Del Mar,’ I’ve been influenced hugely by the high-octane energy of 70s disco and clubs such as Studio 54, plus the current dance scene in Miami, Florida. I always go to the V&A, the British Museum and the Natural History Museum too to get my head ticking over. London in general is a huge source of inspiration – from the people within it, the eccentricities of the Brits to the general amazing buzz of the place.

km: Describe your own personal style.

i am not a celebrity, kate mcauley, maggie angus, anna evansae: I think that I can be perceived as being quite eclectic with my style. I tend to go for clothes that have an interesting structure or detail rather than patterns. The focus of my outfit is always one killer accessory and I love mixing up my look everyday. I often draw on vintage influences too and like having fun dressing up!

km: what’s your favourite piece from your current collection?

ae: My favourite piece from my current collection is the ‘Palm Tree Leaves Necklace’, which features two palm tree leaves, one made out of black perspex and the other from gold-mirrored perspex with a detailed honeycomb pattern etched into it.

km: What would you wear it with?

ae: I think it’s incredibly versatile in i am not a celebrity, kate mcauley, maggie angus, anna evansthat it can be worn from day to night. It really hits on the 70s trend that is really big for the summer so I’ve been wearing it with a pair of dark indigo flared jeans and a black cowl-necked top in the day and at night either over a simple bright block coloured dress or over an über sexy little black dress. The light reflects off the gold mirror so at night it’s a real eye-catcher and it makes me dream of hot tropical summer holidays… I can only dream.

To find out more about Anna and Maggie Angus and to see the latest collection, click here. You can also follow Anna on Twitter.

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  1. Deanne Kalda

    thank you Kate for writing about such interesting people that I wouldn’t otherwise hear about. This jewellery is lovely and very affordable! :)

    1. Kate Post author

      Thanks, Dee! So glad you like the site and the jewellery. You know me – I just can’t keep my nose out of stuff, so it’s lovely to be able to put all this curiosity to good use. x

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