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Alex Loves, i am not a celebrity, kate mcauleyI’m not going to deny it. I heart Alex Loves.

Well, OK, that’s not her real name (as you’ll find out below), but it is the title of her blog and it fits her perfectly.

I met Alex a few weeks ago at a very special dinner at Aqua Kyoto. Thanks to Jill (of London Street Style), I’d managed to shoehorn my way in to picking up chopsticks with London’s fashion blogging elite – and with Alex on my left, the evening quickly went from fun to fantastic.

Cocktail glasses were chinked, stories of vintage Chanel were shared, and a promise from her to do an interview for i am not a celebrity was secured… (well played, don’t you think?) So, without further mumbo-jumbo (or bragging), here she is.

who are you?
Alexandra Vanthournout, but people seem to call me Alex Loves these days.

where are you from?
Middle-of-nowhere, Belgium, but have been a happy Londoner for nearly 8 years.

what do you do?
I’m a freelance fashion writer, and these days a blogger. I essentially spend my days in front of my computer. In my pj’s. It’s great.

Alex Loves, i am not a celebrity, kate mcauley

why do you do it?
As a beginning freelancer there were often long periods of no work, so I filled my spare time with Alex Loves. It was a place for me to put the stories I couldn’t get published, the young designers I felt should get more coverage or just to share my latest finds with the world. It’s also a very good excuse to justify my out-of-control shopping addiction.

alex loves, i am not a celebrity, kate mcauley

what inspires you?
Young designers, new talent, fresh ideas, people doing their own thing despite having all the odds against them. As a blogger, I feel it’s a great honour to be able to help them achieve success by giving them much-needed coverage.

who are your fashion icons?
My beautiful grandmother, who definitely a Brigitte Bardot lookalike in her day, but even in her 80’s still rocks a good Matthew Williamson dress. She proves that beauty has no age.

Alex Loves, i am not a celebrity, kate mcauley

what was your favourite collection from the recent shows? why?
I’ve not even had the time to check out New York, Paris or Milan properly, but from the London shows I attended, Fashion Fringe winner Corrie Nielsen. Her show proved why these competitions are so important. Her Elizabethan-inspired clothes aren’t commercial and not always that wearable, but they are truly breathtakingly beautiful. Without the support she received from Fashion Fringe she would probably never have had the time and money to develop as a designer. She definitely made my heart beat faster and I truly believe she will be a big name on the London scene, no doubt.

describe your favourite outfit.
Black A-line dress, statement necklace, leopard scarf, brogues and my ever-present Chanel bag. Simple, flattering, comfortable, chic and effective.

To find out more about Alex, visit her blog and follow her on Twitter.

All images courtesy of Alexandra Vanthournout.

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  1. Jill

    Ah, what a delight! Lovely profile, Katie, and I agree with Alex: my absolute favourite collection at fashion week was Corrie Nielsen. Soon as I saw the show I knew it would be my favourite, and it was the morning of the first day. Hope all’s going well & see you soon! xo

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