When I’m bored of watching the people on the street – or there’s no one around – I like to stare at walls (only if there’s something interesting on them, mind). And I take a photograph, which some of you might know because of my other street art posts. Most of these were taken around Covent Garden. A few were snapped when I was visiting a friend and there was a lull in the conversation. I watched the guy paste the squiggly sticker on the bricks on Long Acre. Can anyone tell me more about these? I’m intrigued. What do they mean? And why do people do it?


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  1. the style crusader

    Have come to have such a new appreciation for street art since moving to Zurich… where I lived in the UK it wasn’t that common but on the walk along the river near my flat the walls are covered in it.

    Sorry no tips on what any of these are related too. So funny, I’ve been to CG so many times and never noticed any of these. I wonder if that part of the city does a pretty quick job of removing these when they do crop up? xx

  2. Kate Post author

    I really regret not asking that fella why he was plastering the walls with his little sticker. I’m not usually backwards in coming forwards. I think I was put off because he was doing it so surreptitiously.

    I’d love to see some photos of the street art in Zurich. It’s one of the few European big cities I’ve not visited.

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