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I can’t help it. Whenever I think about the fantastic online design shop Howkapow, I imagine a comic strip. You know, like when two superheroes are fighting and it’s illustrated with spiky shapes that contain words like Blam! Whoosh! and Bang! Basically, Howkapow is like a new form of fashion onomatopoeia. To me, it means ‘Ha! Take That! Look at this fantastic, one-off designer piece I bought online!’

Any-who, enough of my idling musings. Here’s what the website’s creators have to say for themselves…

who: Cat & Rog How

where: Bristol (UK)…and the World!

what: We run an online shop, Howkapow, which supports and promotes new and independent designers.

why: Because we love working together and we get great satisfaction from helping emerging designers make new and exciting products.

how: Quite a roundabout sort of way! Cat and Rog met at Bristol University and then worked in journalism and radio – Cat at the Metro and Rog at the BBC. They moved to Melbourne where Cat re-trained as a graphic designer before moving back to London for Cat to do an MA at Central Saint Martins. When she finished they moved back to Bristol and set up shop! Howkapow was launched in December 2010.

anything you’d like to brag about? Umm, on a personal level we’re chuffed to bits that we’ve been finally able to go it alone and set up a business together, which we’ve always dreamed of doing. In terms of the business, we’re barely two months old and have had a lot of interest in the press and a very, very good January so far… so, the sky is the limit!

what are you working on right now? We’re working on a new tea towel design with an illustration graduate and a ceramics range with a Scottish illustrator called Eleanor Meredith (see below).

where can we find out more about Howkapow?!/howkapow

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