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Bird Song Chiara Angelicolawho: Bird Call aka singer/songwriter Chiara Angelicola

where: I grew up in the small hippie town of Mill Valley just ten minutes north of San Francisco. I’ve been a Bay Area resident up until my move to Brooklyn a year ago.

what: I’ve always had a connection to voice and, more recently, piano when it comes to song writing. I’ve been singing since I was a wee girl. I remember my mother bought me my first plastic fisher price microphone and amplifier when I was four years old. I used to either play ‘supermarket’ with my parents guests or I’d perform in front of the fireplace. I’m here in New York now, exploring a very different sonic space than what I was used to the past few years in San Francisco. There is a lot more attention placed on arrangements, timing, the aural energy of the song, and orchestration. I’ve incorporated a lot more instrumentation that I was never surrounded by before (i.e. cello, viola, upright bass). It seems to be the perfect fit for my romanticism.

why: It’s just the way things fall into place and present themselves. There is a moment, that perhaps looking back, you cannot precisely name the date and time, but you feel that there was a place and point in time in your past where you decided that this is what makes you rejoice from within. It is my outlet to my emotional struggle, my medium of expressing thought. Music will always be my first language.

how: I had an interesting time choosing my ‘educational path’ as a teenager. I have a mum who pushed me from the beginning to pursue a musical career, very similar to hers, and I have a dad who always wanted me to be able to balance my cheque book and speak legal after college. When it came time for college, I very much wanted to go to a good trade like Berklee. My Father wouldn’t have it, and I ended up in Santa Cruz as a Psychology major. I remember trying to double major in psych and music my freshman year. Little did I know that their music program was everything opposite of Berklee and I’d find myself the worst in my operatic voice classes. Thus, I ended up out of college with an amazing psychology degree that I am very grateful for. Somehow, I wound up exploring other jobs and playing music on the side. I think it was only up until three or four years ago that I realised I would want to make this full time.

I’m very much influenced musically by my mother. She grew up studying classical piano and went on to study in Florence and Paris with a student of Claudia Boulanger, student of Claude Debussy. She came back to the Americas and created her own style in several bossa nova jazz bands, including one that was very popular in her home country of Guatemala called Creatura. I remember living in Marin County and frequenting my Mother’s band rehearsals as a very young girl. There was also a lot of female vocal music playing on the record player in the house. A lot of Stevie Nicks. Roberta Flack. Even Basha. I think I picked it all up at a very early age. My Mother is very excited about my career now. I think she sees a lot of herself in me.

anything you’d like to brag about? Well I was really happy to make it out of San Francisco with an ‘Artist of the Month’ award by Amoeba Records. I also did a bunch of radio and show contests when I was younger. I think I got #16 out of a good sum for MTV2’s Bay Area Break Out Artist. The biggest success is a sold out show at my beloved hometown venue. That’s been favourite.

what are you working on? I recently released my new digital EP, The Animals Know, which I recorded here in Brooklyn, NY at Studio G with the amazing Joel Hamilton. I’m focused on touring it out locally as much as possible right now. On 25 January I’m performing with Nadia Ackerman at The Living Room.

where can we find out more about you? Please visit all the following sites and don’t forget to follow me on twitter.

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