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April GravesIf I were asked to match the Chanel brand to a textile, I’d instantly pick black velvet. Perhaps it’s because I was once given a shimmering eye shadow palette that came in its very own pouch. I didn’t like the make-up (much too retro 80s iridescent for my taste), but the pouch was memorable for its soft, luxuriant fabric branded with those infamous interlocking Cs.

The idea – that a brand could be connected to a textile – was introduced to me by April Graves, a new friend of mine who has just done a study into this very concept for her MA in Design at Central St Martins. And it resonated immediately – as notions of this simple, yet unthought-of variety usually do.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? These days we perceive our world through computers, smart phones, and the like, while our other senses take a back seat. More than ever I’m looking for the tangible – the weight of a book (no kindle of me), the taste of something not mass-produced (I’m even tired of EAT), and the smell of the ocean (Sydney, here I come). So, it doesn’t take a huge leap of faith to predict that companies could use this to their advantage – creating links between their brands and their consumers through touch.

Naturally, April can talk about it more eloquently that I can. Click here to read more about her and Textiles in Motion.

Below are some photos I took at the recent MA showcase.

IANAC April Graves Brand Textiles Central Saint Martins

April GravesApril GravesApril Graves Textiles in MotionApril Graves Textiles in MotionAril GravesApril GravesThibaut Degenne

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