mamma mia, it’s kaye tuckerman

Kaye Tuckerman Mamma Mia Donnawho:
Kaye Tuckerman

where: I’m originally from Manly (Sydney, Australia), but I moved to New York via Nairobi, Kenya, though a US national tour playing the lead in Mamma Mia! has got in the way of the resettling.

what: I perform in musicals and cabaret. I also design films and TV shows in East Africa.

why: I heard it said once that ‘you don’t choose what you do, it chooses you.’  I stand by that.

how: An epiphany when I was eight-years-old led me to believe I could be ‘Annie’.  While I now think my chances of playing ‘Annie’ are now well and truly gone, study, life experience, hard work, blood, sweat, tears, passion, and tenacity have led to my current state of being.

Kaye Tuckerman Donna Mamma Mia

anything you’d like to brag about?
In terms of recent successes, playing the lead role of ‘Donna’ in the North American Tour of Mamma Mia! is thrilling. I have been a huge ABBA fan since I was a kid, so to sing their songs every night for the next year is a great honour indeed. I also love working with the kids in the Mathere Slum in Nairobi.  Both fill the soul to the brim.

where can we find out more about you?

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10 thoughts on “mamma mia, it’s kaye tuckerman

  1. Kristy

    I’m from Pittsburg and saw u in mamma Mia. Just wanted to say that u have a beautiful voice. I’ve watched musicals since I was little. My dad directed some of them he also played tevia in the fiddler on the roof. I always thought it would be great to be on broadway if only I could sing and dance. Well I can’t change that now it’s too late i’m married with 3 kids. So I will enjoy going to see as many musicals as I can! I hope to see and hear ur voice in more musicals.

  2. richard

    Saw Mamma Mia! last night in McAllen, Texas. Loved you in the part of Donna. I’ve seen the show in New York City and San Antonio, Texas but really, really liked your acting and singing. Thanks for a great evening and the best of luck in your career. You have gained a new fan.

  3. Lauren

    I saw Mamma Mia a few days ago for my best friends birthday(She and I both LOVED the show by the way!), and I just have to say, your performance as Donna Sheridan was AMAZING! Because of your performance as her, I now aspire to play Donna in Mamma Mia at one point in my life.

  4. Hotblades

    Kaye, I saw your production of Urinetown in Singapore! I thought it was so creative how you did it in the round. Officer lockstock was my favourite. I haven’t seen you as Donna but just remember if in doubt act better. You are such a role model Kaye.

  5. Bob Carper


    My wife and I saw Mama Mia in Tampa yesterday and loved it. We’ve seen the show in London twice and both agree that yesterday’s show was just as good, if not better. You have a great voice and a wonderful cast behind you.

  6. bob giliberti

    Kaye: My wife and I just attended Mamma Mia at Charlotte’s Belk Theater on July 31 and can honestly say, thanks to your outstanding performance as Donna (perfect blend of attitude, perkiness and motherly concern as well as a beautiful vocal range), we came out of the theater totally energized. Your troupe added the perfect amalgam of silliness and vivacity to give us a once-in-a-lifetime musical theater experience. Bravo!!!!! -Bob Giliberti

  7. Fred M King

    Congrats on your great “Donna” portrayal. You really can belt it out! Outstanding! I also saw you on the Portland, Oregon morning TV program AM Northwest. (AMNW) I think we’ve finally converted Dave. (Even though his assessment of the Meryl Streep/Pierce Brosnan movie was off 100%) I’ve been an ABBA fan since I heard “Hej Gamle Man” on the short wave radio in 1970…and been following them ever since. I also thought it was cute when you would drift in & out of an Ozzie accent. Too much fun! Good luck with Mamma Mia!…I hope to see you in this neck of the woods again soon! : ))

  8. DeWitt Seward

    Just saw the Pops performance. Amazing. Very obvious you were excited to be here.

    Can’t wait to see you in Mama Mia.

  9. Sharon

    Kaye, just saw you perform in Boston for 4th of July. You are AMAZING! You have such a presence on stage, and holy cow you can dance!!

  10. Kevin

    Saw your four times in recent Cleveland run of “Mamma Mia” and have seen you a total of eight, that’s right, count ’em…eight times overall in the role. You are incredible, amazing, superb and a delight. Your “Winner Takes It All” is a crowning moment in musical theater. Wow. Your talent is endless and your personality and spirit are both remarkable. What a joy you are and what joy you bring to your craft and to all of us who are honored enough to experience you. All the best to you now and forever. Kevin in Cleveland, OH Wow, again!

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