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emily johnston terence webb fashion foie grasI’ve been a devoted fan of style blog Fashion Foie Gras for a while now – so much so, that I’ve recommended it on websites and in magazines whenever possible. I recently meet Emily Johnston, the super stunning woman behind the blog, and convinced her to take a few moments out of her busy schedule (she holds down a full-time job as well as publishes more than ten posts a day) to answer a few questions for IANAC.

where are you from?
Charlotte, North Carolina, but I live in London.

do you have a background in fashion?
Only if you include reading every glossy magazine and shopping like a fool since I was seven.

what made you start Fashion Foie Gras?
I had something to say about fashion and even if no one read it, it felt good to have it out there in an open forum (and really no one did read it for about a month).

why did you call it Fashion Foie Gras?

Because it’s a site where fashion news is ‘force fed’ daily. PETA gives me such a hard time about this name, but I swear I’m not torturing geese in the back office.

has it’s success taken you by surprise?
YES! I still can’t believe it. But I’m having so much fun doing it. I still write it mostly for what I want to say and less about what will get hits. I think that’s why it’s been successful. I stay true to what I think is interesting and it turns out people actually like it.

how do you hold down a full time job and still manage to post so often?
No sleep and investing in Starbucks.

emily johnston fashion foie gras outfit du jour

I love Emily's outfit du jour posts.

where do you find your stories?
The PRs keep me informed from all the brands and I attend as many events as I can fit in. I love going functions and taking pictures.  Getting to put together the post and pictures after the night has finished is fantastic fun. It’s like putting together a picture book for fashion. I’ll never get over that sort of fun.

was it difficult to begin with, or did you have all the contacts already?
I knew NO ONE except store managers from buying in shops. For PRs, it was a real learning curve and I’m still learning today about who you should contact and who will make this or that happen for you.  But that’s all the fun right? If I’m not learning something I’m bored.

do you have any plans for world fashion blog domination?
Haha! I wish! Who knows really? I’m not sure where it will lead. I don’t know if the blogosphere is a passing fad or if it is here to stay. But for right now I’m having the time of my life and I’m enjoying it while I can. The rest is just the icing on the cake really.

Portrait of Emily courtesy of Terence Webb.

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